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Administrative Order 2022-09

Pursuant to CDC guidelines residents, employees and visitors to the Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center, including juvenile detention and treatment, must wear masks irrespective of vaccination status. Irrespective of vaccination status, all individuals who enter a courtroom in which a resident of the Juvenile Justice Center and/or treatment center is present must wear a mask.

More information is available on our
Judicial Emergency Orders and COVID-19 Information page.

Adult Probation Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between probation and parole?
In cases of probation, someone is placed directly under the supervision of a probation officer, for a specific period of time. In cases of parole, someone is placed under the supervision of a parole officer for a specific period of time following a set period of incarceration.
What are the conditions of someone under probation/parole supervision?
Some conditions that all probationer or parolees must abide by are: maintaining a valid address, not leaving the state without permission, paying on costs and fines and remaining arrest free. Other special conditions are set based on the nature of the offense that an individual is being set for. Conditions may included: undergoing appropriate evaluations, participating in treatment programs, submitting to drug testing, attending educational programs or being under GPS monitoring.
Where do people pay their costs and fines?
Costs and fines are paid to the Northampton County Criminal Division.
Can I speak with someone's probation officer?
Probation officers are always willing to speak to the public or to family members of an offender. It should be noted, however, that confidentiality laws prevent the sharing of personal information of a client.

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