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Pretrial Services FAQ

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What is Bail for and how do I post it?

You are accused of a crime and a judge has set an amount of bail designed to secure your appearance at future court dates and compliance with any conditions set forth in you bail order. bail may be posted at the courthouse between 8:30am and 4:00pm on normal business days. after these hours and on weekends, bail may be posted at the prison by asking for the official in charge at the gate facing walnut street.

For detailed assistance, contact pretrial services on any day or at any time by calling 610 829-6830.

What is 'ten percent' of bail?

When a judge has permitted bail at ten percent (10%) of the amount set, it may be posted in cash, certified check or money order according the instructions above. contact with a bail officer at pretrial services is mandatory before or after the posting of ten percent bail. fees: upon full and final disposition of the case, eighty percent (80%) of the amount paid is refunded and twenty percent (20%) of the amount paid is retained as an administrative fee.

How do I pay the full amount

Bail in the full amount may be posted in cash, certified check, money order according to the instructions above. fees: a small fee is retained depending on the amount of bail, and the balance refunded.

Can I post real estate in lieu of cash?

Realty located within or outside the commonwealth may be posted provided an attorney or abstractor prepares a certificate of title and liens. real estate bail can only be posted at the courthouse during normal business hours. fees: fees vary depending on the attorney or abstractor selected. services can be found through the bar association or in the phonebook.

What is a surety bond?

Surety bail may be purchased through a company authorized to do business in the county and licensed by the insurance department of pa. fees: premiums paid to the surety agent are not refundable and terms vary based on the agent selected.

As a defendant in a criminal matter, you are strongly urged to hire a lawyer or apply for public defender so that a hearing can be scheduled without delay. if you are detained, a pretrial officer will be automatically assigned to investigate your bail status the next business day and prepare a report for the judge concerning your release on bail.

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