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Filing an Appeal to the Superior Court

Helpful Information for Filing an Appeal to Superior Court

The Docketing Clerk for the Domestic Relations Section is not an attorney and is therefore unable to give instructions and/or advice with regard to filing an Appeal
  • Instructions are found on the internet at (click on "Browse," highlight "Appellate Procedure," and click on "Select")
  • The Appeal is filed at the Docketing Section of the Domestic Relations Section.
  • The Appeal is filed within thirty (30) days of the entry of the Order of Court that is being appealed.
  • The initial documents filed at the Domestic Relations Section are the Notice of Appeal, Order for Transcript, and Certificate of Service.
  • Copies of Court transcripts may be requested in the Court Administration Office located in the Northampton County Government Center.
  • The filing fee is $90.25. Checks should be made out to the Superior Court of PA.
  • If you are requesting to proceed without payment of fees due to financial inability, the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis is filed in the Civil Division located in the Northampton County Government Center or available on this website.
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Filing an Appeal to Superior Court
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