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Driving Under the Influence ARD Program

Options for the First-Time Offender

ARD/DUI is a probationary program for first time DUI offenders only. Upon successful completion of the probation period, the criminal charges of DUI are expunged from your criminal history. However, the charges will remain on your driving record for the purpose of determining any future penalties.

ARD/DUI is only applicable in cases where there have been no serious injuries and where the offender does not have a poor driving record, which categorizes him/her as a habitual offender by Pennsylvania Statutes. In addition, you are not eligible for ARD if there were passengers in the vehicle under the age of 14 at the time of the incident.

  1. TRIAL - Plea of Not Guilty to the Charge of Driving Under the Influence
  2. GUILTY PLEA - Should you choose to plead Guilty, the Conviction will remain on your Criminal History
  3. ARD PROGRAM - Should you choose and complete this program, Charges will be Expunged from your Criminal History
  4. Court Conditions MUST be complete, all Cost & Fines paid in full. Costs & Fines are assessed according to BAC Level, starting at approximately $1,750.

    Please Be Aware, if your Application for ARD is not received by the Court prior to your Formal Arraignment, you will NOT be considered for the Program.

    If you are applying for the ARD Program you DO NOT need a Drug & Alcohol Assessment

    Failure to appear for any of your scheduled Court appearances or appointments will result in your application for ARD being denied. You will then be required to attend your scheduled trial date.

    Steps for Entering the ARD Program

    1. Fill out & notarize the ARD Application and return to:
      Amy Moss
      Northampton County DUI Program
      Criminal Administration Building
      105 South Union Street
      Easton, PA 18042
    2. Complete a CRN Evaluation
      To schedule please call: 610-559-6825
    3. You must appear for:

    4. Preliminary Hearing
      (Notification by mail, held at the District Magistrate)
    5. Formal Arraignment
      (Scheduled by the District Magistrate at your Preliminary Hearing)
    6. Attend an ARD Screening Appointment
      (Notification by Mail, Scheduled by Probation Department)
    7. Attend ARD Court
      (Notification by Mail upon completion of all steps listed above)

    For more DUI/ARD Program Information:

    Amy Moss
    Northampton County DUI Program
    Criminal Administration Building
    105 South Union Street
    Easton, PA 18042
    Phone: (610) 829-6810

    There may be additional alternatives to those which are explained herein. If you have any questions, you may wish to contact an attorney to discuss all of the options available. If you cannot afford an attorney, please contact the Northampton County Public Defender's Office for assistance at (610) 829-6384.

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    For additional DUI program information, contact:
    Kimberlie Stout
    Phone: 610-559-6810
    Northampton County DUI Program
    Criminal Administration Building
    105 South Union Street, Easton, PA 18042
    Tracking address: Tracking code - do not email: (do not email this address - tracking purposes only)