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Jury Clerk's Office

The Jury Clerk's Office is central to the County's civil and criminal trial systems. The office is responsible for coordinating the County's jury system. Specifically, the Jury Clerk selects prospective jurors at random from a computer database containing County residents from a yearly pool provided by the State Courts comprised of driver's license information, voter registration rolls, welfare rolls, and tax payers from the Department of Revenue.

In recognition of the inconvenience jury duty may pose to both the personal and professions lives of residents, Northampton County utilizes a one day/one trial jury system, which typically limits the length of jury duty to one day. During this process, every effort is made to provide jurors with a positive experience, while also offering a greater insight into the judicial system.

Contacting the Jury Clerk's Office

Phone: 610-829-6730
FAX: 610-559-6732

About Jury Duty

To learn more about Jury Duty and serving as a juror, please visit our Jury Duty Section

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