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Juvenile Justice Center

Our main purpose at the Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center is to rehabilitate youths, reunite them with their families and provide safety to the community. Our Mission and Vision statements are as follows:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center is to provide leadership and instill positive change for youth, family units, and communities. Accountability is a vital component and each child will be provided with legitimate, alternative pathways to adulthood with equal access. Public safety is a principal concern in all of our practices and policies as well as the safety and welfare of each juvenile in our care. We operate with professionalism, competence, and honesty in the performance of our duties as juvenile care professionals while reducing recidivism.

Vision Statement

The Northampton County Juvenile Justice Centers' professional care workers value each child's potential to lead successful and productive lives. Our vision is to teach children to value family and community through coordinated efforts. We will assist each child in experiencing success in life by making the appropriate choices. We assume this responsibility through an understanding that our actions affect children today and will determine the quality of our tomorrow.

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